Land-based Industries

Introduction to facilities

Nurture and grow your horticultural for forestry skills in our Land-based department. Students have access to our own 12-acre forest allowing you to get hands on with your future working environment.

Our Land-based students also assist in growing produce sold at our on-site shop, The College Cooperative.

Equipment in the department

In our Land-based department you’ll get to grips with a range of different tools and machinery all used within the industry. Such as saws, sheers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and more. As well as different hand tools like towels and spades to name a few.

As part of the course, students will be spending time cultivating their horticultural skills in our polytunnels. 

Skills students will learn

Students will have the opportunity to learn and develop a number of different skills including communication and team building skills. Students will also learn how to properly care for and grow a range of different plants and vegetables throughout their course. All of which will aid students with an interest in future employment in the Land-based sector.

Health and Safety

The Land-based department is a safe and clean environment, where every student and member of staff undertakes continuous health and safety training. This includes a health and safety induction and training before using any equipment, tools or machinery. Staff and students will be required to wear PPE when using the equipment.