English and Maths

You’ll be taught by our experienced team who will support you to build your knowledge in a way that is best suited to you.

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Rotherham College Dearne Valley College North Notts College

English and Maths skills are essential for work and every day life, so they play a key role in your study programme at College.

We also offer part-time courses to fit in around your commitments to enable you to move on to higher levels of Further Education, move on to Higher Education, have better job prospects and more job security. We will fully support you to build your confidence in order to achieve your full potential and will ensure to personalise our programmes to suit your needs.

Our adult courses focus on learning key English and maths skills which are used in real-world settings. Teaching is offered on a flexible part-time basis and you’ll learn lifelong skills which helps increase confidence, enjoyment of learning and creativity. Those aged 16-18 years can study for their GCSE English and maths alongside their chosen course.

You’ll be taught by our experienced team who will support you to build your knowledge in a way that best suits you, within our innovative and purposefully designed learning spaces.

As well as face-to-face contact, materials and tutors are available online, which allows you to fit learning around your existing commitments and to get the support you need while learning from home.

Having good English and maths skills are vital in helping you succeed in your education, career and everyday life. In recent years, there has been a huge push by employers and education providers to ensure all employees and students have good core skills. Improving your skills can not only enhance your job opportunities and career prospects but also open the doors to further study.

What our students say

“When I first came to the College I felt so low, I felt like nothing – I had lost my confidence – but now I feel like myself again, I feel happy.”

Badriya Mohammed English for Speakers of Other Languages

“One of the best things about college is that you get to meet like-minded people - everyone studying on your course is interested in the same sort of stuff and often have similar motivations.”

Photo of Emily Put
Emily Puk Level 3 Countryside Management Former student at Wingfield Academy

“I get to learn new skills that will help me get a job doing something I enjoy.”

Photo of Alexei Johnson
Alexei Johnson Level 2 Bricklaying, former student at Wingfield Academy