Study and Work Abroad

Expand your horizon

Have you ever wanted to work abroad? Experience different cultures? Expand your horizons and develop life-long experiences working in a new environment?

Or have you studied Childcare, Health & Social Care, Business, IT, Media, Engineering, Travel & Tourism, Public Services? Then this is the place for you!

We are excited to be able to offer level 3 and graduate students aged between 16-29, the opportunity to take part in The Turing Scheme – international travel opportunities to work in countries across Europe.

Find out more below about what our Turing scheme is, if you’re eligible, what’s expected of you, finances and accommodation, the student selection process and how to apply.

All Colleges at the RNN Group participate in this scheme, take a look at the videos below.

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What is it?

Managed by the European Commission, this is an educational programme designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience a global education. It supports, through lifelong learning experiences, the education, professional, and personal development of people in education. Its key actions are to support the mobility of individuals, cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices and support for policy reform.

Countries eligible for travel to include Italy, Belgium and Malta, for three weeks as a student and two months for graduates.

The Turing Scheme is the UK Government equivalent of Erasmus.

Who is eligible?

You should be either one of our Health and Social Care or Childcare graduates, or a Level 3 student studying a Computing, Business, Public Services Childcare or Health and Social Care course.

Level 3 student placements will last 23 days, and 2 months for graduates to either Italy, Belgium or Malta.

Student expectations

You must be committed to travel and learning abroad and able to work independently and in small groups, including being a confident communicator and able to take directives from others.

You will also need to complete some basic language training before travel, especially for Italy – online packages will be available to support this.

You must have a Europass CV which can be shared with us.

You will also require an in-date passport.

Finance and accommodation

All learners (apart from graduates) will be staying on a full board basis with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. This will either be at a hotel, or at a student residence. Students will normally stay in double or triple rooms. All travel costs will be covered i.e. flights and transfers.

Students will be accompanied by 1-2 members of College staff for the duration of the programme. The same board basis applies to them, and all flights and transfers are paid.

If you require any support with personal finance whilst on the trip, please make us aware during the application process.

If Covid travel guidelines change whilst you are abroad, including the need to return home, then this is covered by College Travel Insurance. If you take anything of particular value in terms of personal belongings then please insure those items yourself.

How to apply

You will need to complete an expression of interest form.

By completing this form, you will receive further updates about the programme and the opportunity to complete an application form, when you must upload a Europass CV to enable correct matching with our foreign partners. We will then shortlist people for interview conducted by a member of our team and our partners from T.E.E.P.

Successful applicants will be notified, and, in some cases, the foreign hosts may like to chat to you before taking you on placement. Learning agreements will need to be signed, formalising your commitment. Successful students will be notified soon after their interview.

Health and safety

Ensuring you experience such a fantastic opportunity safely is one of our priorities. Please note that, whilst on placement, you will have available staff as points of contacts – these will be shared with you before your placement begins.

Dates and times of flights are subject to change around travel guidance; if guidelines change whilst you are abroad, including the need to return home, then this is covered by College Travel Insurance. If there are special dietary requirements/medical requirements, please declare them ahead of time.

Any questions?

We’re happy to help

You can get in touch with us via:

Ash Vaines – Student Services Team Leader
01709 513333 ext. 1032

Find out more

To find out more about the countries eligible for travel to, and the framework supporting this, please read the following attachments.

FMTS Experience
Motum Experience