Esport is one of the fastest growing participation sports in the world, it’s a fusion of gaming, business, events and health and wellbeing subjects brought together under one roof.

Our Level 1, 2 and 3 courses are a blend of computing, business studies and sports, so you’re equipped with the best chance for your dream career in the rapidly expanding esport sector.

Esport allows you to express your passion for gaming and apply it to a multitude of roles within this developing and exciting industry. Our programmes encourage you to develop skills in gaming and equip you with the skills for success across a whole range of supporting roles within the sector. Completing our Level 3 Access course also opens the door to exciting degree level studies at the University Centre Rotherham.

Core units of study at all levels include: Introduction to Esport, Esport Skills, Strategy and Analysis, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Esport, Health, Wellbeing and Fitness, Live Streaming, Branding, Social Media, Shoutcasting, Esport and Coaching.

The below course list shows esport courses offered at Dearne Valley College and computing and digital courses offered at Rotherham College and North Notts College.