In our dedicated digital facilities, you will be able to level up your skills for success in something you enjoy with incredible career prospects. We house specialist and new equipment including high specification gaming PCs, virtual reality gear and digital displays. We also have retro gaming consoles, allowing you to experience the evolution of entertainment systems.


You will have access to dedicated hardware and networking spaces, stocked with the latest computing and digital equipment to help you log in to the thriving computing and games sector. Available equipment includes HTC Vive, high spec Gaming PCs, gaming keyboards and mice, large digital displays, a selection of retro gaming consoles, and more.

Skills students will learn

On our Esport courses, you’ll develop skills from Level 1 to Level 3, meaning that you have a comprehensive understanding of computing and digital technologies which can open the door to a professional future you’ll love. You will have the chance to learn about developing a computer program, website, IT database, and imaging software, animation techniques, server management, network infrastructure, programming, and the principles of computer science. On our Esport courses, you’ll be able to learn all the cutting-edge techniques at the heart of this rapidly-growing sector, including events, tactics and gameplay alongside wider transferrable skills such as marketing, event management, and coaching.

Health and Safety – anything in place?

All our activites are risk assessed and equipment is regulary tested for electical safety and user comfort.