Animal Care

Animal Care

Introduction to facilities

In our fantastic Animal Care department, you’ll have access to a whole host of different species including skinks, snakes, tortoises and birds. As well as small furries such as rabbits and guinea pigs just to name a few.

You will learn about a range of different animal breeds, their biology, behaviour, health and welfare, and develop skills around handling and care. All this experience will open the door to career opportunities in the vast and varied animal care industry.

Equipment in the department

The department contains all the equipment and tools you could need in order to properly care for the animals we house. You will become familiar with equipment used for food preparation, temperature monitoring, cleaning and enrichment for the animals.

Skills students will learn

By working closely with our animals, you will learn how to properly care for a range of different animals and develop your skills. All these skills and more will provide students with the necessary tools in order to pursue an exciting career working with animals.

Health and Safety

The Animal Care department is a safe and clean environment, where every student and member of staff undertakes continuous health and safety training. This includes a health and safety induction and training before using any equipment or handling any of our animals. Students may be required to wear PPE on occasion.

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