Colleges Week 2022

Dearne Valley College pledges support to ‘Love Our Colleges’ campaign

17 October 2022

Dearne Valley College is proud to support the national ‘Love Our Colleges’ campaign running as part of Association of Colleges Week from Monday 17th October to Friday 21st October.

Colleges Week is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate and highlight the opportunities Colleges can provide their students, and the driving force they can act as to affect positive change in the communities they serve. It also illustrates the need for investment in the Further Education sector, as the funding of colleges, training and skills is the catalyst for a stronger, fairer and more resilient society.

This year, Colleges Week is focusing on Staff, Students and Skills, as this is what makes a college.

Jason Austin, CEO and Principal for the RNN Group said: “It is incredibly rewarding to see the life changing impact that our colleges have on the thousands of students, and apprentices every year. During the Love Our Colleges Week (17th – 24th October) we are celebrating our students, our staff and the skills that our students have and showcase, as well as the skills they learn from our staff. Our excellent relationship with employers and other external partners also play a big part in the skills our students learn and the development of an innovative curriculum to ensure our learners are industry ready.”

David Hughes, Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges, said: “Colleges Week showcases exactly why further education holds the answers to some of the biggest issues facing all of us. Now more than ever we need highly skilled and well-educated workforces to deliver the economic recovery this government aspires to.

“Colleges Week this year is about celebrating the amazing work colleges do, educating 2.2 million people every year, including more than 600,000 16 to 18-year-olds. They hold the key to reducing skills gaps, combatting inequality, and providing better opportunities to disadvantaged communities. This week is about making our voices heard and campaigning with partners to make sure colleges continue to be a serious political, economic and social priority.”

Learn more about Love Our Colleges here.

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