Case Study: Sam Fox - Supported Internship

Supported Internship – Sam Fox

9 May 2023

Since starting his supported internship in 2022 at Wentworth Woodhouse, Sam Fox has made a lot of progress for his future career. Sam originally started at Dinnington, studying Horticulture and Countryside Management and moved over to Dearne Valley College to complete his supported internship. We recently caught up with Sam to see how he had found the experience.

When did your passion for this begin?

“When I was little, around four or five, I always loved being outdoors. I used to be in the garden a lot, helping my parents with little jobs and digging holes in the mud. So, I always knew that I would like to work outdoors in the future.”

How has the RNN Group supported you through your course?

“The RNN Group has helped me a lot. When I knew what I wanted to do, they helped and found the placement for me to gain experience. I had the support to realise what I can and can’t do due to my health and with their help, I was able to work in gardening with Wentworth Woodhouse.”

What placements have you been involved in?

“My main placement has been at Wentworth Woodhouse. I started here in December 2022 and have been working there a couple of times a week to gain experience. My main jobs are to help with the gardens, keep them clean and tidy for visitors, clear the paths around the house, and help with any odd jobs within if they need it.”

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

“I have enjoyed almost everything, I have learned lots, which has helped me develop my skills and experience and have always had the amount of support that I need if I ever struggled with the workload. At my workplace, I get support as well which has really helped me keep on track, I am set targets and tasks to meet which helps me develop even more and learn to put my own needs first as I have the tendency to help others more than myself.”

What advice would you give to someone considering this course?

“I would say to definitely go for it as it will help a lot. First, speak to others who are on this course and can give you the information that you need to understand what it is about. Also speak with the Flex department about what support you can get and make sure you’re confident in it.”

Where would you like to be in five years?

“I would hopefully like to be doing gardening as much as I can. I would like a job role in this at Wentworth Woodhouse, as I have enjoyed my placement there so much.”

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