Where Can Technical Courses Take Me?

Blog: Where Can Technical Courses Take Me?

21 August 2020

Ever had your food go cold in front of you because you’re trying to find something good to watch on TV? Or had to quickly down a lukewarm cuppa because you’ve spent ages trying to choose the right playlist to listen to while chilling out? Of course you have – who hasn’t?

Sometimes when there’s so much choice we can get stuck. So let’s have a chat about one of the biggest decisions of all – our future.

‘Future’. What does this word mean? There are lots of people out there with lots of different ideas about where they want to see themselves down the line.

But how do we reach our ideal future? For a career we could take a technical course or A-Levels. But which path do we choose? Sometimes even when there’s only a couple of options it can be daunting.

So, let’s break this one big decision down into bitesize chunks and take a look at technical courses. We’re going to look at how you learn, who you want to learn from and where you want to learn.

Ready? Got a lukewarm cuppa next you? Great. Let’s get to it.

How do you learn?

Do you enjoy hands-on experience? Getting to grips with what your dream career could look like? If so, then a technical course may be for you. By gaining a technical qualification you’ll be showing employers that you’ve already got valuable experience of working in an environment like theirs. This can give you a great lead and kick-start for your career with sought-after skills and self-confidence.

Michael is a former Dearne Valley College Sport student that since studying has become a self-employed Sport and Exercise Consultant.

He says: “The most beneficial things about gaining my qualifications at Dearne Valley College are that I’ve been able to work in an industry I love for over twenty years and travelling around the country and Europe helping a variety of people.

“That was one of the main reasons I chose to study at Dearne Valley College; the dedicated sports facilities, friendly and relaxed environment and the great reputation for Sport courses offered here.”

Who do you want to learn from?

Technical courses are often taught by people who have real-world experience of working in the areas they teach.

Dearne Valley College’s talented team of teachers bring with them expert knowledge in their fields and breadth of experience to their teaching. The academic staff are passionate about your development and achievement. Technical course’s tailored teaching provides you with the specific skills needed to give you the best opportunities for future employment and career progression.

Elaine is a former Dearne Valley College and North Notts College counselling student that since studying with us has become a Counsellor.

“Aside from the qualifications, the main things I can take away from my time studying at Dearne Valley and North Notts College were the amazing people I was able to meet. Some as peers who were with me at the beginning of my journey and others I met towards the end, all of whom were a huge inspiration and support network for me.

“The tutors worked so hard to help me through some difficult times and supported me when I didn’t always believe in myself.”

Where do you want to learn?

We’ve talked about how learning on a technical course can help you get hands-on experience. But how is this possible?

In college you’ll often find yourself swapping out traditional classrooms for environments which simulate what working in your dream career would be like. Whether that’s a construction workshop or kitted out computer decks, you’ll be able to gain the skills needed in the industry with equipment used by potential future employers.

Last but not least – what motivates you?

We hope the above helps break down how a technical course can help you reach your personal and professional aims, but the most important thing to consider is what motivates you.

If you don’t yet know what career you’d like then that’s alright. Our advice – think small and then expand your horizon. Is there anything you enjoy learning? Great! Keep at it and look at how you can progress in what you enjoy – your dream career may be laying at the end of a technical course in an area you enjoy.

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