Dearne Valley College

This Week’s GCSE Exams at Dearne Valley College

24 May 2017

Here is a quick reminder and a message of good luck to all  of our students who are completing their English and Maths GCSE examinations this week!

Please don’t forget to bring any necessary items with you including pens (black), a highlighter and a calculator if you have one. Please also remember to bring your student ID/lanyard! You should already be aware of the times, dates and locations of the exam, however, please speak to your Tutor if you are unsure.

GCSE Exam Dates:

  • GCSE English – Paper 1 (Creative) exam – takes place on 6th June 2017
  • GCSE English – Paper 2 (Viewpoints & Perspectives) exam –  takes place on 12th June 2017
  • GCSE Mathematics exam –  takes place on 8th June 2017
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