Spiking Awareness Talks at DVC

Spiking Awareness

11 April 2024

Last month at Dearne Valley College we were raising awareness of spiking with our learners and educating them on how to stay safe. Throughout the week In2Change, Street Doctors and Drug Sense UK visited our campus to deliver presentations and workshops to our learners.

In2Change is a non for profit charity which focuses on delivering education, intervention and crime prevention tactics to young people. They delivered multiple sessions throughout highlighting awareness on drink, needle and vape spiking. Learners were informed on how to keep themselves safe, how these attacks often occur and how to avoid this were possible. Real life experiences were shared with them throughout to stress the importance of what can happen and the possible consequences spiking can have.

Street Doctors, a national charity that puts young people at the centre of emergency first aid provision, visited our campus and delivered three sessions to learners on to the safely aid someone on the ground who could either be conscious or unconscious. They learnt how to put someone in the recovery position and how to safely deliver CPR and practice this on mannequins provided. They included a discussion on how someone may need this type of first aid to further their education.

Lastly, Dave Parvin, from Drug Sense UK, visited and delivered lecturers around the dangers of spiking to our learners. He highlighted the dangers around drink and vape spiking to educated our learners on keeping safe in different environments. He shared real life examples of stories around spiking and the consequences this can gave as well as sharing tips on how to spit counterfeit vapes and supporting yourself with an addiction to vapes.

Our leaners have been very engaged with these sessions and benefited greatly form the shared experience.

Thank you to all our visitors.

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