Raising our student’s awareness of the signs of spiking

Raising our student’s awareness of the signs of drink spiking

6 December 2023

On the 21st November the RNN Group had the fantastic opportunity of working with the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and In2Change to help raise our student’s awareness of the signs of spiking.

This event included a in person training session from an external presenter who shared a lived experience of this.  Our students were able to learn how to keep safe and what to look out for.

A main focus of Rotherham this year is working to reduce night time risks therefore the Safer Rotherham Partnership and the Violence Reduction Unit were created for In2Change to deliver bespoke training on ‘Drink Spiking and Staying Safe in the Evening and Night Time Economy’.

This training session covered many topics including providing basic knowledge on spiking, raising the awareness of the different ways of spiking, educating on how to keep safe and information on support available. With different techniques to teach our students including presentations, a lived experience speaker and videos covering male and female spiking and violence against women.

Our students have really engaged in these sessions, feeling able to ask questions and show their support by wearing t-shirts.

Thank you to our visitors for coming and sharing this knowledge with our students and raising the awareness of spiking.

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