Jeremy Corbyn addresses Dearne Valley College's students.

Jeremy Corbyn Quizzed by Dearne Valley Students on EU Referendum Tour

1 June 2016

Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn visited students at Dearne Valley College during a tour of the region as part of Labour’s Remain campaign in the lead up to this month’s EU referendum.

Alongside Wentworth & Dearne MP, John Healey, and MEP Linda McAvan, the Labour leader took the opportunity to visit students who were hard at work in the College’s purpose-built Engineering and Motor Vehicle workshop before taking part in a tough question-and-answer session with the student audience.

Principal and Chief Executive at Dearne Valley College, Martin Harrison said:

“Jeremy was very impressed with the College’s fantastic facilities and learning environment whilst visiting our Engineering students, who took the opportunity to demonstrate their newly-gained skills and industry knowledge.”

“During the Q&A our students really put Jeremy through his paces with their tough questions about the upcoming EU Referendum, and for us, it was a fantastic opportunity to remind our young people of the referendum and the importance of using their vote”.

Speaking about the event, Mr Corbyn said: “It was great to meet students and staff at Dearne Valley College. It is a fantastic facility which was made possible thanks to millions of pounds of EU funding, helping to begin to repair the huge damage the Thatcher government did to the mining community here.

“Their students had some challenging questions and we had a really engaging exchange – they’re clearly a group of young people with a great understanding of the world around them of whom the College should be proud.

“We are campaigning up and down the country for Britain to remain in the EU because it has brought huge benefits to deprived areas of our country and has done so much to protect workers’ rights, including maternity and paternity leave, four weeks holiday and the 48-hour maximum working week.

“Jobs and opportunities for the young people we met would be diminished if we left the EU, so I hope people across the Dearne Valley back remain on 23rd June.”

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