A group photo of all the students at The Grimsby Institute after the competition.

Students compete with Grimsby in Inter-College Championship

29 March 2022

Recently, students from Rotherham College, North Notts College and Dearne Valley College competed against students from the Grimsby Institute in over 30 subject areas as part of the annual Inter-College Competitions.

Rotherham College, North Notts College and Dearne Valley College teamed up to win a total of 18 competitions, beating the previous record in 2019 of 17 wins.

Students from a diverse range of subject areas across the Colleges took part in challenges that reflected the industry-standard skills they have developed on their different courses. To inspire students to further their skills and showcase their abilities, a wide range of challenges were completed in Animal Care, Arts, Computing, Construction, Esports, Engineering, Media Make-up, Sport, and many more.

Dearne Valley College’s Motor Vehicle students came first place in the Level 2 competition, where they had to diagnose and repair an electrical fault on a vehicle within a certain time. Rotherham’s Media Make-up students also came away victorious in both the Level 2 and 3 competitions, after creating stunning final looks.

Level 2 and 3 Sport students Declan Doyle and GeeGee Mallows, who took part in the competition commented on the days events. Declan Doyle said: “Being able to represent our college and compete against another at the Inter-College Competition was a great experience. I found it very engaging and really competitive throughout.”

GeeGee Mallows added: “The day was a great experience and as a group we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to come home with a win, looking forward to next year’s event.”

Dearne Valley College students also brought home the gold in a variety of curriculum areas such as Animal Care, Brickwork, Hair and Beauty, Health and Social Care, Plumbing and Public Services

The connection between the Colleges to form the Inter-College Competition was created by Grimsby Institute’s Principal Debra Gray, former Dearne Valley College Principal until 2017. She said: “I am really proud that the Grimsby Institute has won the Inter-College Competition today. But I’d like to say a massive thank you to our competitors from Rotherham College, Dearne Valley College and North Notts College who came and brought their A-game today and actually wiped the floor with us in a number of areas. We can’t wait for the challenge next year, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Rotherham next time.”


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