Looked After Children (LAC)

RNN Group (Rotherham College, Dearne Valley College and North Notts College) work closely with Virtual Heads, Social Workers, Care Leaving teams, parents/carers and other support professionals to ensure that students in care (looked-after young people or leaving care) are given the best chance to succeed no matter what their circumstances.

Students who have disclosed that they are looked after/leaving care will be supported by our Designated Looked After Children (LAC) Lead who will be available to discuss the college offer and arrange a tour of the campus to ensure the best possible preparation for college life.

Our Designated LAC Lead works closely with external professionals, parents/carers and all others involved to maintain the post-16 Personal Education Plan (PEP) by completing termly PEP’s for students who hold ‘looked-after’ status.

The Person Education Plan (PEP) is the statutory tool that ensures everyone involved in the education of the young person is tracking progress effectively to ensure that they are working towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

Students falling into in the ‘looked-after’ or ‘leaving care’ category are eligible to a bursary. This can be arranged by completing the college bursary form together with a letter from the local authority confirming their status.

Prospective students or professionals can contact June BaconDesignated LAC Lead on 07969 920279 or jbacon@rnngroup.ac.uk for further information about the college offer for young people in care (looked-after-young people or leaving care).