Guest speaker from Ibstock PLC.

Ibstock’s Generous Support of Dearne Valley College

31 July 2023

Recently, Tom Dews, Area Sales Manager at Ibstock PLC visited Dearne Valley College to present to our Year 1 Bricklaying Apprentices. He discussed best site practice and gave them an introduction to bricks and manufacturing. Ibstock PLC is a supporter of Dearne Valley College and works with up-and-coming bricklayers. They have generously donated bricks to our Construction department to help support our students.

Ibstock PLC is the UK’s biggest brickmaker who care about their carbon footprint and have a sustainable approach to manufacturing bricks. They care for the environment and produce bricks that support the natural habitats around building sites.

The presentation went very well, with the learners participating throughout, asking questions, and gaining knowledge from someone in the industry.

Tom said: “I enjoyed the experience. The students were engaged throughout and raised great points. They asked thoughtful questions throughout to help prevent any complications when onsite.

Our construction lecturer Dan Wilson, who organised the event, said “It went well for the students and gave them the opportunity to ask questions to the actual manufactures. This is especially important for apprentices who will make the most mistakes and give them a chance to learn the best practices moving forward.”

We hope to see more of Ibstock PLC each year presenting to our learners about best practices and helping them gain the knowledge they need for industry work.

Thank you to Ibstock PLC for their kind donation to our construction department.

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