Students listening to a talk about managing stress

Helping Students Manage Stress

15 December 2023

On the 12th December we had Mike Lawrence a Health and Wellbeing Consultant come to talk to our students about managing stress in everyday life. Mike is an experience and professional wellbeing practitioner with a passion for supporting others and raising mental health awareness.

Mike went through the session on managing stress with our students, where they learnt what stress is, talked about the difference types of stress involved in life, such as family, work, financial and education and speaks about the healthy coping mechanisms that students can put into place to help manage this in everyday life. 

Our students were engaged throughout the session, answering questions regarding what stress they have and their ways to cope. Mike educated the students on healthy and unhealthy ways to cope and what help they should look for, for example using app such as calm or headspace to help look after themselves.

The session concluded with a guided meditation session for the students to learn new ways of keeping calm and reducing stress.

Mike will be back to join us at Dearne Valley College to cover other topics with our students, these will be improving sleep, speaking about body image and mental health and mindfulness.

Thank you to Mike for coming and raising awareness in our students.

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