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Enrichment opportunities at College

9 April 2024

Your time at college isn’t just about the course you’re studying.

One of the best things about being an RNN student is the chance to take part in exciting enrichment opportunities alongside your timetabled lessons.


Enrichment is all about enhancing the student experience and making most of the spare time that you have while at college. That might be joining a club or society that interests you, getting paid to be a student ambassador, or taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime study programme abroad.

These extra-curricular activities give students the opportunity to try new things, meet new friends, and learn skills for life. They also look great on your CV and strengthen job or uni applications.

A combination of course results and wider skills is what will help get you offers for degrees, apprenticeships or jobs. Universities and employers know that taking part in enrichment while at college says a lot about the type of person you are.

Enrichment opportunities are open to all RNN students – whether you’re with us full-time, part-time, on an apprenticeship or higher education course, or are an adult learner.

So, what enrichment opportunities do we offer?

Clubs and societies

Did you know that each of our College campuses have a range of clubs and societies that students can join?

There are sports teams, creative arts clubs, gaming societies, and health and well-being sessions. Some clubs organise charity events, some put on performances, and others take part in cross-college sports days.

Just some examples include:

  • Football and rugby teams
  • Movie and book clubs
  • Pilates, yoga and fitness classes
  • Warhammer and esports gaming clubs
  • LGBTQ+ club
  • Debate sessions
  • Environment and sustainability group
  • Community champion club

Clubs and societies vary depending on whether you’re at Rotherham College, North Notts College, Dearne Valley College or University Centre Rotherham. They’re organised by the personal development team, part of student services, and may change each term.

If there isn’t anything that takes your fancy, speak to student support to suggest other activities or see how they can support you to set up your own club.

Turing international study programme

At RNN Group, we are part of the Turing Scheme which enables our students to broaden their horizons by studying or working abroad.

The Turing Scheme is named after the mathematician and scientist, Alan Turning, but is open to students on any type of course. It’s funded by the government and replaced the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme for UK students after Brexit.

It’s not an exchange scheme, so you won’t be swapping places with a foreign student. Instead, you’ll go on an education or training placements outside the UK, usually outside of term time for an average of four weeks.

Previously, our students have been to countries like Italy, Malta and Spain. They have benefitted from improved communication, language and inter-cultural skills, as well as employability skills like teamwork and problem solving.

Funding is available to support RNN students with the costs associated, such as flights and accommodation. Applications for each academic year closes in March and are assessed against a set of criteria, so not all applicants will be successful.

If you are interested in taking part in the Turing Scheme for the 2025/26 academic year, then please speak to the student support team to find out about the application process.

Student ambassadors

Could you be the voice and face of your college?

Are you happy to talk about your college experience with others? Would you like to get paid to help out at open events? Then why not join our team of student ambassadors.

Most people turn to online review sites these days before buying something, booking a holiday, or choosing where to eat. It’s the same when choosing a college.

Student ambassadors are influential in the decision-making process of those thinking of studying at an RNN college. They act as on-campus advocates who share their knowledge and experience with prospective students.

The role includes giving campus tours to visiting schools, helping out on open days, and speaking to potential students. You’ll work when is convenient for you and aren’t expected to be at every open event.

Student ambassadors should be enthusiastic about their college and course.

Other plus-points include:

  • Being a good team member
  • Having good communication and speaking skills
  • Being positive and friendly
  • Being able to answer any questions about joining college

If you’re interested in being a student ambassador, get in touch with the student support team at your campus.

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