AI Alex and GERi

Dearne Valley College welcomes ALEX the AI

20 February 2024

Last week at Dearne Valley College we received our state of the art simulator for our new HTQ course in Health. To help learners receive first class studies, the College have invested in new technology to ensure learners are receiving the best.

ALEX is our patient communication simulator, that sees, listens and responds using artificial intelligence. ALEX is used to help learns prepare for the real-world situations and build skills in critical thinking, decision making, physical assessment, practice procedures and evaluate vitals. ALEX will be instrumental in giving learns the chance for hands on practical work in a simulated environment.

Our other manikin GERi is a full body elderly patient care trainer, a model with a realistic look and feel to represent human anatomy, with a weight distributed to embody a real patient for lifting and carrying. Learners will be able to practice the essentials of elderly care, nursing skills and daily living assistance.

Dearne Valley College have invested in other equipment such as training arms for IV practice and blood pressure. We are very excited to start training our learners with this equipment for our HTQ in Health Science Associate.

HTQs have been developed in partnership with employers and are delivered by industry experts. These qualifications focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are in-demand by employers. The courses are classroom-based with the opportunity to learn practical skills through workshops, role playing exercises, or using industry facilities and applying your learning within a practical environment.

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