Dearne Valley College students take first place in 2018 Inter-College Championship

27 March 2018

Students from Dearne Valley College competed against students from the Grimsby Institute in a wide range of competitions across over 20 subject areas. Students from Dearne Valley College, alongside Rotherham College and North Notts College won the Championship, taking first place in 64 of the 107 competitions.

Students from areas across the Colleges including Animal Care, Arts, Hospitality, Hair and Beauty Engineering and Construction took part in challenges that reflected the skills they have developed on their courses.

Health and Social Care students were given a range of care scenarios to role-play, such as the actions needed to support an elderly lady with had suffered a stroke, whilst Business students pitched their promotional campaigns for a new ice cream dessert, including ideas for a marketing strategy, packaging and an advert storyboard.

“Our students produced some excellent work in their challenges and I’m extremely proud of their success,” said Claire Godfrey, Assistant Principal at the RNN Group.

The annual championship gives both students at the RNN Group Colleges and Grimsby Institute the opportunity to take part in a friendly competition where they can compare ways of thinking and learn new techniques. We were delighted to host the Inter-College Championship and be crowned as overall champions. We’re now looking forward to 2019.”

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