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Blog: Our Three Top Tips for Choosing a Career

19 March 2021

How many jobs have you dreamed of doing, if only for a short while? How different were they to each other? If you’ve got something concrete in mind then great! But if you’re anything like a lot of us, then you’ve thought of being anything from a pilot to an actor to joining the police.

Growing up, we start to think differently about what a career actually means and start exploring its relationship with us as people. What does a career in ‘Area A’ mean to you?

Choosing a career is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, it can be fun! It’s all about finding your right fit, so let’s have a read of our top three tips.

What’s your Favourite Recipe?

We all have favourite foods. When we cook we often find ourselves reaching for the same ingredients and following our tried and tested recipes. Let’s think about careers like food. Ever heard the phrase ‘recipe for success’? Think of the career as the end result – your meal. Have a go at making a wish list of ingredients for your dream career – do you like to work individually or as a team? Do you like to work with duties that vary a lot, or prefer similarity between different working weeks? Throw a spoonful of your personal values to the mix, stir, and hey presto! That’s your dream career criteria! Careers that don’t meet the majority of your ingredients aren’t worth your time.

Want help making your recipe for career success? Think about two things: passion and time. What fascinates and excites you, and also motivates you to learn more about it? Whatever that is might be your answer for where to start looking!

Reach out and Research

Let’s explore passion a little more. So you’ve got an interest you spend time on regularly. Great! Now let’s apply it to a career. How are you really going to know what a career is like if you have no experience of it? The answer: get some experience!

Whatever career you’re interested in, have a look at what companies in your area might offer them. Unsure? Reach out to them – simply find their contact info online and pop them an email or call explaining your interest. If you ask for help, you’ll be surprised at just how warm the world really is – it’s lovely! People who work in those careers may be able to give you advice about what it’s really like and even offer you some first-hand experience.

Finding your Fit

There you have it! Remember – it’s YOUR time, passion and energy going into a career. Also, don’t sweat it about changing what you do later in life – people all over the place are changing jobs and careers every day! The likelihood is that your goals and interests may develop over time and that’s perfectly natural and fine.

Finding a career right for you takes time, so if you need a hand then please get in touch with our friendly Learner Recruitment team who are happy to help. They can guide you to a course that will help you achieve your ambitions.


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