Adults: Develop your Maths and English skills

Blog: Adults – Develop Your Maths and English Skills

8 February 2021

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Would you like to improve your reading, writing and/or Maths skills? We can help you! Starting from Monday 22nd February, we offer Maths and English courses for those aged 19 or over which will support your communication and numeracy skills. At just 2 hours a week until the end of the term in July, and available day and evening plus independent study, our courses allow you to develop at your own pace and balance your learning around any existing commitments you may have.

Maybe you’re a parent and want to help make sure your child does as well as they can while they learn at home? Or perhaps you’d like to upskill so you can get that promotion or new job you’ve been after? There’s a lot of reasons why Maths and English skills are so important, and we want you to know that, whatever your reason for studying with us is, we’re here to help you succeed. Our courses are taught online by expert tutors who support you every step of the way on your learning journey, so you can rest assured and know that with us you can grow your skills comfortably.

Think a course is out of your budget? Think again. If you receive means-tested benefits or don’t have a Maths and English qualification, then our functional skills courses are free to you. If you do hold a Maths and English qualification but are looking to improve your grade, then courses cost just £362 each.

Sound good? Great! We can’t wait to help you develop your skills and reach your goals.


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