Adult Enrichment

Adult Learners: Enrichment and Personal Development

Adult Personal Development

Learning at RNN Group isn’t just about achieving qualifications or specific vocational skills; it’s about equipping you to have the personal skills, knowledge and behaviours you need to be successful for the rest of your life both personally and professionally as well as adding value to your learning experience and time with us.

We have a broad and increasing range of free ways in which we can support you as a student to develop:

Adult Careers Coaches

The Adult Careers Coaches are available to all the adults at the college and anyone thinking of getting back into work, education or needing more training.  If you’re 19 or older and need help with sorting your CV, application forms, retraining, or a new career direction or you’d like to speak to someone about the next steps in your career journey, book an appointment with our team and let us help you on your journey.

We can meet you in person, online or can give you a call, whichever is best for you.  We cover all college sites in Rotherham (where are base is at the University Centre Rotherham next to the reception), North Notts College (based in the careers library) and Dearne Valley College (based in the careers hub in the canteen) so we can make appointments that are best for you.

There are two members of the team:


I’ve worked in education for over 20 years so I’m experienced with dealing with all kinds of education enquiries and questions.  I particularly help people in the area I grew up in because I feel I’m able to give something back and I know the challenges that you can face.

If you’re nervous about coming to see us, don’t be.  We aim to make you feel at ease and help you with making the decisions that are right for your future career path, whatever that may be.  Our role is impartial, which means we want to do what’s right for you based on your circumstances and situation. So to make an appointment call me on 07970232928 or email


I have work experience in the Military, retail, Customer Service, Healthcare, and hospitality. I am also a qualified primary school teacher. I’ve enjoyed going around the country and getting different types of work experience and meeting so many great people. I love my current job role as an Adult Careers Coach, I get so many individuals in who want to do so many fantastic new things and develop themselves further.

If there is anything I can help you with I’ll do my absolute best, if you come to me with something I’ve never heard of before, I’ll do my research and come back to you with a plan, whatever you need I’m happy to help. I’m here to give you the best advice and guidance I can to get you where you want to be, so please come and see me if you need anything. I work between North Notts College and Rotherham College/UCR and can be found in the careers lounges there. So, swing by and see me or make an appointment by emailing or calling/texting 07966833599.

Blended Learning Consortium

The Blended Learning Consortium has been set up to support colleges in moving forward to meet accredited guidelines and allow members to benefit from the creation and sharing of FE specific resources. This is a free online series of resources covering a broad range of personal skills such as Employability, Interview Preparation, GDPR and much more. New courses are constantly being added!

Learner Support

Learners can apply for financial support. Learners may be eligible for a contribution towards childcare, fees, equipment and travel.

The application form is available on our websites and income evidence can be submitted electronically.

Financial support application

We have a Student Support team on each campus, made up of Mentors, Counsellors and Safeguarding Officers. These team members can offer support on a range of topics and subjects that may impact on learning.

For more information, click here.

Please view the calendar below to see a list of the broad range of events occurring at the Group’s college sites.

Enrichment Programme Delivery Calendar

This includes:

…and much more! More events will continue to be added throughout the year so please keep checking back!

We want you to really enjoy your learning journey here at the RNN Group. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to ask lots of questions throughout.

We want you to really make the most of your time with us and achieve and be the best you can be!

We want you to be personally and professionally happy and successful when you leave us with your new skills and qualifications.

Would you like to develop personal knowledge, skills and behaviours that aren’t listed above? Please let us know and we can explore this in the future!

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