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New Year, New Skills, New Daytime and Evening Free Adult Courses

8 January 2021

Dearne Valley College, alongside Rotherham College (part of the RNN Group), has added Health and Nutrition and Creative Writing to their wide range of free adult Community Courses.

Both are taught once a week over ten weeks and are completely free.

The Creative Writing course starts on Tuesday 19th January 2021 and will be taught online 6.00pm – 8.00pm. It is ideal for beginners who would like to learn how to turn their ideas into a polished piece of fictional writing. Students will learn about poetry and how this can be used as a launchpad, character and structure, grammar, word choice and descriptive choices, dialogue and genre choices.

Rotherham College Training Assistant Ian Sutherland, who is passionate about helping students apply technical skills to produce exciting, quality pieces of writing, will be teaching the course.

Ian said: “I am an avid reader across most genres and have always taken enjoyment in how good writers craft their pieces. I have been in teaching for over a decade and always aim to foster a love of writing in the students in my care. I’m looking forward to helping students on the Creative Writing course bring their ideas to life.”

The Health and Nutrition course was due to be taught face-to-face, however, in-line with the latest Government guidance we are in the process of moving all of our Community Courses online and therefore new start dates will be confirmed as soon as possible. Please check the Community Courses Facebook page for the most recent updates.

Topics for the Health and Nutrition course include healthy eating and calorie swaps, exercise, managing stress and wellbeing, salt and sugars, understanding food labels plus demonstrations of cooking healthy meals and ‘fakeaways’.

The relaxed Health and Nutrition course is led by Rotherham College Community Development Worker Ella Wall, a passionate cook who has lost almost three stone over the last two years by learning about different types of food and finding new, healthier ways of cooking her favourite takeaway dishes.

Ella started her healthy eating journey at the beginning of 2018 in preparation for her wedding.

She said: “I never really knew how unhealthy some of the foods I was eating were. I have always enjoyed cooking so I found new healthy ways of cooking my favourite meals. When lockdown started I did PE with The Body Coach, Joe Wicks and I have really started to love exercise and can feel the benefits of how great it is for my mental health.”

Ella continued: “Since losing some weight I feel a lot happier and healthier and I want to share what I’ve learned to help people in the community.”

Other Community Courses starting this month include Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating, An Introduction to Sign Language, Machine Sewing and Arts and Crafts.

All of the courses are five-to-ten-weeks long and are held over just a few hours once a week; they offer a chance to learn a new skill, which can open the doors to further education and enhanced career prospects, as well as the opportunity to meet new people.

In addition to this, following the Government’s announcement to offer free, fully funded college courses to adults who don’t have an A-Level or equivalent qualification from April 2021 the Colleges are currently working on developing their range of adult courses.

To view the dates, time and locations of all the Community Courses go to or visit Community Courses South Yorks on Facebook.

To apply for a Community Course, send a message on the Facebook page, call 07807720530 or email

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