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RNN Group Launches #mytime campaign promoting Higher Education Opportunities

6 March 2024

RNN Group (made up of Rotherham College, North Notts College, Dearne Valley College and University Centre Rotherham (UCR)) launched a brand new campaign this week – during National Careers Week – aiming to get local people thinking about returning to education and considering starting and completing a degree in Rotherham’s very own University Centre.

The #mytime campaign focuses on the belief that it is never too late to learn or to consider furthering a person’s education, their learning or themselves.

As an inclusive organisation, the RNN Group wants people who have never even considered doing a degree – or any educational course for that matter – to consider this option now, regardless of their age.

We know that many adults might have thought it was something they could not do.

However, we want people – and especially women in the week where we celebrate International Women’s Day – to know it’s their time now to develop their career and that a degree or re-joining education is for you.

A recent statistic showed that having a degree as a woman means you are likely to earn 50% more. For many women in particular, a university education was something that just was not on the table with work and family commitments coming first as Kelly Birkin, one of our case studies about returning to learning, has confirmed.

A Group of RNN learners have told their story to encourage other local people to consider returning to education. They all realised it was their time to shine, succeed and push themselves, their time to learn, use their time to do this for themselves and to prove to themselves that they could do it.

Jason Austin, CEO and Principal said,

“The RNN Group is proud to educate and train learners of all ages from Level 1, through to Level 3 courses, Degree courses and Masters programmes. We want to encourage anyone to return to and continue learning as it this such an important foundation for success.

“Rotherham has had its very own university centre for over five years, University Centre Rotherham, which allows people to study Higher Education programmes locally which brings many benefits to individuals, often with lower fees alongside not having to pay additional accommodation costs. Students can stay local to learn or even opt to do part time courses to fit around family and work commitments.”

For more information on our HE courses, visit the UCR website. To read about what our group of learners have to say about their journeys, visit the #mytime campaign page:

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