SEND Internships

A Supported Internship is a study programme that is designed specifically for young people aged 16-24 who have special educational needs, this aims to put them on a path towards gaining employment.

Supported Internships are structured programmes which are based primarily with the employer, they are unpaid and last for 6 months.

More information about Supported Internships

  • They support learners to develop the skills that are valued and sought after by employers
  • They enable learners to recognise their value and worth to the workplace
  • They encourage learners to develop confidence and perform independently
  • They offer the opportunity for potential employment following the completion of the Internship, however there are other successful outcomes of the Internships, including to benefit the learner’s CV with fantastic work experience
  • Learners can continue with their English, Maths and any other relevant employability skills within their study programme
  • They work to change the views of others and demonstrate that learners are capable of working independently
  • Internship learners benefit from further additional support than that received by Apprenticeships or Trainees, all interns are offered workplace support by the designated Internship Job Coach
  • Internships have a study programme that will last approximately 6 months, whereas a Traineeship study programme can be less than 6 months
  • There are no entry requirements for a supported Internship; each learner will benefit from a personalised study programme that meets their individual needs

The majority of young learners with SEN are able to gain the skills required for paid employment.

Every learner is important to us, and we strive to offer our learners the best and most suitable education and opportunities to put them on a path to a successful career. Our specially designed, supported Internship Programme can really help learners with special educational needs to achieve their potential and employment

We offer fantastic support for everyone involved including: full recruitment and induction learners, sourcing Internship placements, vocational profiling, progression planning and career exploration, full employment support and engagement

Find out more about Supported Internships within our Flex department.