Grimsby competition

Students Go Head-to-Head with Grimsby in Inter-College Championship

26 March 2019

Students from the Dearne Valley College competed against students from the Grimsby Institute in a wide range of competitions across over 30 subject areas. Dearne Valley College, alongside Rotherham College and North Notts College took first place in 17 competitions.

Students from areas across the Colleges including Hair and Beauty, English and maths and Construction took part in challenges that reflected the skills they have developed on their courses.

Plastering students had to compete by preparing and smoothing over a wall to high standards, whilst Hair and Beauty students created hair designs and demonstrated massage techniques.

Students from Dearne Valley College won awards in Hair and Beauty and Plastering.

Mark Wright, Head of Curriculum for Dearne Valley College, said “It was an absolute pleasure to see so such much talent and skill on display from both colleges. It was evident throughout the morning that the judges were going to be faced with the difficult challenge of identifying a winner from the work that was produced at an incredibly high standard from both colleges.

“I am extremely proud of all the hard work our learners had put into these challenges and the success from those that won. We will be delighted to host the Inter-College Championship for 2020 and look forward to winning the shield back!”

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