Dearne Valley College organise fundraiser in memory of student

19 December 2017

On Thursday 21st December Dearne Valley College students and staff will be having a charity football tournament and fundraiser in memory of Sports student and friend Curtis Allen, who sadly passed away earlier this year. A student-led event, the fundraiser is for Make a Wish, a charity for children living with a life threatening illness.

The football tournament starts at 9.30am on the AstroTurf with 10 teams of six playing a game of 10 minutes each, the overall winning team to be announced in the afternoon. The fundraiser will also have a variety of other activities taking place, including a raffles, a cake stall and other games students can get involved in, including a plank challenge.

Stuart Prentice, Sports Tutor who taught Curtis said, “It was clear from the first time I met Curtis that he was a polite and respectful young man. Not only did he have exceptional manners, he was also a very happy, engaged and positive person to have in the group. Positive and happy people do usually have an impact and rub off on others and this was certainly the case with Curtis, as his fun natured side enabled us all not to always take things seriously.

“There are not many students that put their hand out to embrace with a hand shake like Curtis did when we first met. His level of good manners was good to see, but is rarely seen to that extent amongst students and clearly showed the level of his emotional intelligence, consideration and care for others – we will all miss him.”

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