Computing corridor with wall graphics.

Deck The Halls! Computing Kits out Corridor with New Designs

16 December 2019

The Computing and Digital department have proudly unveiled their new kitted out corridor. With wall graphics showing both cutting-edge circuit boards and retro gaming throwbacks, learners are now welcomed by a bunch of brilliant images relevant to their studies.

There is also a new ‘hall of fame’, displaying a profile picture and accompanying biography from an equal amount of male and female trailblazers in the tech world.

Computing Lecturer Lee Bowes organised the renovations.

Lee said: “For the hall of fame, we went for people our students could relate to that represented the diversity the computing sector is capable of. My favourite success story is Mary Keller – a Nun who was a pioneer in computer science and one of the first two people to earn a doctorate in the subject in the United States.

“You see students in our corridor reading these biographies in their break time, learning that, as a profession, we’re part of a diverse family of achievers. It really does show them that anything is possible if they put their mind to it.”

Discussing the retro games wall displays, Lee said: “I ordered the large Pacman wall display from Israel via Ebay and the students love it. There’s a few smaller Pacman references throughout the hallway – and Tetris too!”

Level 2 Computing learner Ryan Utley studies in a classroom off the new digital corridor.

Ryan said: “I think it really brightens up the area. The Pacman and Tetris graphics are brilliant; we study games and animation designs in this department so it’s great to be welcomed by interesting displays on my way into class. I’ve made a few characters that will also go in one of the display cabinets soon.”

Lee added: “We decided to decorate the corridor with something relevant that students will talk about. I see it as a great way to improve our physical learning environment and have students engage with aspects of computing whilst not in the classroom.

“If you have a positive learning environment then this rubs off on students – it helps set them in the right mind-set and uplift them.”


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