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Commercial Services Website Launched This Week

30 November 2023

RNN Group has launched a new commercial services website which showcases the Groups services across the areas of fine dining, sports, hair and beauty and the arts.

The Wharncliffe, DVC Gym and the Groups three Hair and Beauty salons have been brought together under one website to promote these outlets to the wider community. Each facility has its own website space within the website giving each an independent feel, but at the same time showcased within the Group setting.

The website aims to promote these commercial services which are a crucial part of the education and learning opportunities for our hospitality and catering, sports and protective services and hair and beauty learners as they put their skills learnt in the classroom into real life practise.

Members of the local community  – as well as staff and learners – can enjoy five star fine dining, top class gym facilities and pampering beauty treatments all at excellent prices.

The Group is delighted to launch alongside this the ‘studio’ experience, showcasing the arts scene at Rotherham College. Now events, art and photography exhibitions, fashion shows, and performances led by learners can be promoted in each ‘studio’ and seen by members of the local public, as well as learners promoting their work through these studios, inspired by their courses taken in the College.

Don’t forget to book your Christmas lunch or dinner at the Wharncliffe Restaurant which is very popular. If you miss out, you can enjoy some special events in 2024 starting on 25th January!

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