General Information

Our group tours provide the opportunity to gain an insight into course options and familiarisation of College facilities, also a welcome talk and introduction of all aspects of support which are available.

Links with key staff to aid transition

We work closely with Curriculum Leaders and members of the Safeguarding and Additional Learning Support Teams to ensure that transition goes as smoothly as possible for students where they may need any extra support.

Tours for individuals

We are happy to discuss the needs of your school and students, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Open Events

We hold a number of Open Events throughout the year at key times to give young people an opportunity to visit the College, speak with tutors about the courses available, and enquire about any additional support.

Visitors are able to book to attend our Open Events via our website, and also participate in subject area taster sessions.

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Options Available

Dearne Valley College have a range of pathways available for young people. To find out more visit our courses menu at the top of this web page and select a subject area or visit:

School Partnerships

The main purpose of the School Partnership Programme is to widen student choice, raise student aspirations and to provide young people with transferable skills that will enable them to play an active part in the local economy.

Dearne Valley College has a long and successful history of working in collaboration with the school sector to offer a broad vocational curriculum to Key Stage 4 students encouraging their progression into Further Education, Higher Education or employment.

The College recognises the value of working in collaboration with schools, parents/carers and students in promoting opportunities; we work closely with school staff to provide bespoke courses in order to meet the specific needs of their students and the programmes of study offered within the College are planned, developed and timetabled in partnership with each participating school.

Pre-16 Key Stage 4

The School Partnership Programme offers 14–16 year old students the opportunity to achieve quality vocational qualifications alongside the qualifications studied at school.

Post 16/Key Stage 5 Collaboration

A relatively new development for Dearne Valley College is the introduction of Key Stage 5 collaborations. The aim is to create an offer in conjunction with schools for students who particularly want to stay at school and need a wider curriculum choice or for students who are not quite able to undertake a full three or four A-Level programme and would benefit from a mixed vocational and academic package. These collaborations and partnerships can take shape in a variety of forms and are flexibly designed with each individual school.

Electively Home Educated 14-16 Year Olds

We are now able to offer funded provision for 14-16 Home Educated young people. Each application is considered individually in order to meet the needs of the young person and their parent/carer.

The College is offering an exciting range of vocational qualifications alongside functional skills in English and math, therefore giving  home educated students a wide range of options at 16.

We are dedicated to delivering 14-16 provision to engage with young people who want an alternative to school. We are extremely passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential and ambitions no matter what their circumstances are.

Please note that although we are able to offer funded provision to Elective Home Educated young people, the programmes are not designed to replace compulsory education but to complement the education a child receives at home.

Schools Partnership Contact Information

Nick Dale – 14-16 School Provision Officer
Call 01709 513333 ext 1003