The RNN Group Quality Code draws together in a single location the organisation’s regulations, policies and codes of practice which constitute the framework for quality and standards. This electronic copy of the code should be seen as the most up to date version. Changes to documents are announced to staff through the portal and Curriculum Directors will be informed individually.

Please note, where the relevant awarding body has different requirements, this will take precedence over the RNN Group Quality Code.

To read the RNN Group Quality Code please click on each of the below links.

Section 3 – Assurance of the Quality of Teaching

Section 4 – External Examiners

Section 5 – Appeals and Complaints

Section 6 – Assessment

Section 7 – Approval of Programmes

Section 8 – Programme Monitoring and Review

Section 9 – Recruitment and Admissions

Section 10 – Student Information, Representation and Support

Section 13 – Ethics and Research


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