Photo of a student using a trowel to build a brick wall

Bricklayer Apprenticeship

“I get to learn new skills that will help me get a job doing something I enjoy.”

Photo of Alexei Johnson
Alexei Johnson Level 2 Bricklaying, former student at Wingfield Academy
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Start an exciting career in Construction

The construction sector is ideal for those who like working outside, enjoy working practically and use their initiative to get things done.

Photo of a student using a mallet and chisel in a woodworking classroom

Construction Labourer

Average salary - £20,500*

Construction Labourers prepare building sites and assist trade workers with manual jobs once work starts.

Day-to-day tasks:

Mark out and dig trenches for foundations and drains, lay concrete and put up panels to hold concrete in place as it sets, bend and fix bars to reinforce concrete structures and keep tradespeople on site supplied with materials.**

Working environments:

Construction sites for a variety of building projects across a range of physical areas.

*EMSI 2021 **

Construction Manager

Average salary - £39,900*

Construction Managers oversee building projects for quality, safety, timeliness and completion within budget.

Day-to-day tasks:

Review building plans, hire staff and organise work schedules, ensure the site has the material its needs, monitor the timeline and cost of the project, ensure quality and health and safety is maintained throughout and report progress to clients.**

Working environments:

You could work at a client’s business or on a construction site.

*EMSI 2021 **

In-demand skills that commonly appear in job descriptions for roles within the construction sector include*:

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership

What our students say

“My favourite part of college is the hands-on, practical learning and the staff make it a great environment to be in.”

Photo of Sharoz Hussain
Sharoz Hussain Entry Level 1 Joinery, former student at Oakwood High School

Bricklayer Apprenticeship