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Attending College is vital to your success! Here are the procedures to follow, should you be absent from College. The Absence Line is 01709 513153

Jess Cleary – Attendance Officer
The College Attendance Officer monitors student attendance and absence, and operates the College’s Absence Line. Jess is based in the Student Services Centre.

attendance officer

Absence Procedure
If you are unable to attend College, you must call the Absence Line on 01709 513153 before 9.30am. If no-one is available to take your call, you must leave a message on the Absence Line voicemail stating your full name, course title and reason for absence. It is important that you call the Absence Line for every day that you are absent from College. Upon your return to College, you must fill in a blue Student Self-Certificate of Absence form which can be picked up from the Attendance Officer in the Student Services Centre. You must take this to be signed by your Tutor within five days of your absence before returning it to the Attendance Officer.

Planned Absence
If you have a planned absence or know in advance that you unable to attend College, you should fill in a green Planned Absence Request form, with your Tutor’s signature at least two days prior to the date of your absence. You must also supply evidence to support your absence request, e.g. a hospital appointment letter.

Authorised Absences
The below shows the types of absences that will be authorised depending on whether it is a Student Self-Certificate of Absence or Planned Absence


Blue Student Self-Certificate of Absence Form
• Sickness
• Childcare Issues
• Family Issues, e.g. bereavement
If you intend to leave College early for any of the reasons above, you MUST fill in a Student Self-Certificate of Absence form and return it to the Attendance Officer in the Student Services Centre before you leave.


Green Planned Absence Request Form
• Hospital appointment that cannot be rearranged
• Emergency doctor or dental appointment
• Religious holiday (which conforms to the Equality Act 2010)
• University or College visit for open day, interview or careers interview
• Extra-curricular activities, e.g. drama, sport, volunteering which a tutor has approved will contribute towards personal development.
• Funeral of close family member or friend
• Legal requirements, e.g. court appearance
• Severe disruption to transport
• Theory or practical driving test
• College representatives’ or Governors’ meeting


PLEASE NOTE: If you are in receipt of the 16-19 Bursary, the 19+ Learner Support Fund, Childcare Allowance, Higher Education Bursary or the24+ Advanced Learning Loan, your payments may be compromised or stopped if you fail to follow the correct Absence procedure.

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