College Tutors Act Out Mock Emergency for Police Training

Date: 09/10/2013

Public Services Tutors from Dearne Valley College pulled out their best acting skills to take part in a South Yorkshire Police training session, at their training centre in Manvers.

The Tutors volunteered themselves to take part in the mock emergency situation which saw them acting as pub revellers falling victim to a chemical attack. The Police were also joined by the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for the session and both services had to work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

The fire service arrived in their emergency vehicles, fully-kitted out in ‘haz-mat’ gear and prepared to tackle the simulated chemical attack. The training centre, which is designed and built like that of a mock town, provided a realistic setting for the simulated emergency to take place and the College’s teaching staff had to act out the attack by attracting the attention of the emergency services, with others suffering from different levels of fake injuries for the emergency services to deal with.

Speaking about the activity, Public Services Tutor, Nick Lawton said:

“It was great to be involved in the session which allows the emergency services to prepare themselves type of situation, should it occur in real life. We were able to see both the Police force and the Fire and Rescue service at work doing what they do best.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the day and we hope our learners benefit from this when they attend future training sessions. It is great for team-building and confidence, and allows them to get a feel for a career in the emergency services, which many of them aspire for.”

Dearne Valley College are looking for their next round of recruits for their Public Services courses. If you think a course in this industry is for you, contact the college on 01709 513355 or at

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