Aged 24 or Over? Discover a New and Easy Way to Pay Your Course Fees!

Date: 23/04/2013

Prospective students, who are over the age of 24, should hang up their financial concerns and embark upon a Level 3 or 4 course!  Following the introduction of a financial support scheme, older students may be eligible for a type of ‘tuition-fee’ loan from this year, to allow them to achieve qualifications free from financial worry.

The Student Loans Company’, who oversees loans and financial support for students across the country, has launched a new type of loan to encourage older students into education. The ‘24+ Advanced Learning Loan’ is available for all students aged 24 and above who are commencing on a course at Level 3 or 4, or advanced or higher Apprenticeship.

This financial boost will cover your course tuition, and is particularly advantageous to those who aren’t able to meet the up-front costs of many courses. Applications are simple, and the amount of loan available to you, differs depending on the course and its costs.

Your eligibility for the loan does not depend on your household income or require a credit check. Students are simply required to meet the age and course requirements, ensuring that the chosen course and its provider enable the student to qualify for the loan. Courses must begin on or after the 1st August 2013 and students must also be 24 years of age on the first day of the course.

The best news of all is that repayments for this loan don’t begin until April 2016, and you won’t have to start making repayments until you’re earning more than £21,000 per year!

If you are interested in studying with Dearne Valley College as a mature student, we have a wide range of courses and qualifications in a variety of industries! You can contact the College’s Customer Services and Admissions team on 01709 513355 or alternatively, at Financial advice is available at the College and throughout your journey!

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