Your Study Programme

As a student at Dearne Valley College you will undertake a study programme that is built around your own needs and interests as an individual. In addition to undertaking your vocational qualification we offer a range of extras. Your study programme will be made up of:

• Vocational Programme
• English and Maths
• Work Experience Opportunities
• Employability and Enterprise Skills
• Career Development
• Enrichment Activities
• Trips and Visits
• Tutorial Support

Who is Involved in My Study Programme?

Progress Coach
Through the tutorial aspect of the Study programme, your Progress Coach will support, monitor and track your progress. They will ensure that you have everything you need in order to succeed on your programme and will deliver activities that support your career development, employability skills, enterprise activities and essential components of the tutorial programme.

English / Maths Tutors
Every student is initially assessed for English and Maths and your prior attainment is taken into consideration. All students on Study programmes have to work towards achieving a minimum of Grade C in GCSE English and Maths.  Employers expect their employees to have strong English and Maths skills, and Universities also expect applicants to hold a GCSE grade C in both English and Maths as an entry requirement for their courses. Your English and Maths Tutors will ensure that you are studying at the right level, and if you have already achieved a Grade C in both of these subjects, you will be able to develop higher skills through Blended Learning activities. Your English and Maths Tutors will make sure that your Progress Coach has all of your grades and attendance data so that they can track your overall progress on your Study Programme.

Vocational Tutor
Your vocational programme will be delivered by subject experts who are specialists in their industries. You will have a Programme Leader for the vocational course who will coordinate all modules within your vocational programme. On your vocational programme you could have a number of different subject specialists. The Programme Leader will track your progress on your  programme and will make sure that your Progress Coach has all of your grades and attendance data so that they can track your overall progress on your Study Programme.

Work Experience Co-ordinator
You will have the opportunity to undertake work experience on your Study Programme which will be organised with a Work Experience Co-ordinator and monitored by your Progress Coach. You may find that work experience is a module on your vocational programme. If this is the case, your vocational specialist will also track and monitor your work experience.

Enrichment Coaches
The College has a rich and varied enrichment programme which take place mostly on Wednesday afternoons, where you will have the opportunity to sign up for different activities organised by the college. Once you have signed up for your chosen activity you will be given a personalised schedule of what you are doing throughout the year. Your Progress Coach will have a record of this and will monitor your progress.

Trips, Visits and Events
Some trips are organised centrally though the Student Union, however, some are organised as part of your course. Your Vocational Tutors will organise these and your Progress Coach will track all activities that you participate in.

Additional Learning Support
If you need additional support on any aspect of your Study programme please talk to your Progress Coach. They will ensure that you are properly assessed and that the right type of support is made available to you.

Academy of Sport
If you join any of the Dearne Valley College Sports Academies, you will have the chance to study at college whilst pursuing your sporting aspirations. Your Sports Coach will keep your Progress Coach informed of all your achievements and progress so that this can be tracked as part of your Study Programme.

Blended Learning
Your College timetable will show Blended learning activity, and this is something that could take place either in class or out of class. Your Vocational Tutors will tell you what is expected of you in this session, and it usually involves some research or prior work that you are required to undertake in preparation for future sessions. It is important that you do complete this work on time. It will prepare you for your future sessions and is an important learning technique that prepares you for higher levels of study and in the workplace. Your Vocational Tutors will review any blended learning activity that you undertake.

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